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Joseph Hoffman

Senior Associate

Joseph Hoffman’s background straddles higher education reform, public policy, research, and governance, through public service and consultancy experience. As a consultant, his clients have included governments, the World Bank, UNDP, EU, IADB, IDRC, CIDA, ADB and FCDO (DFID) directly or indirectly through major international firms and not-for-profits. His 20+ years of government experience includes senior roles spanning education/training, consumer, commercial, trade and corporate affairs, social services, labour, intergovernmental relations and economic policy. Since 1984 he has led/advised on major initiatives in Canada and internationally, and has worked with parliamentarians and senior government officials, as well as with universities, think tanks, private firms, business associations, labour unions, NGOs and international organizations. Joseph has a well-developed understanding of the tools and skills needed to design and implement reforms that are inclusive and gender-responsive, and involve collaboration among teams in multi-cultural and multi-national contexts.

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