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Reinforcing the Innovation-Employability Nexus

Development of a handbook for higher education institutions, industry and policy makers as part of the project 'Reinforcing the Innovation-Employability Nexus'.



Union for the Mediterranean (UfM)


Higher Education I Communication & Advocy


Mapping I Research I Report Writing I Higher Education I Employability I Gender, Diversity & Inclusion


Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan
Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Spain, Tunisia


German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)


Concluded (2020)



_ UfM is an intergovernmental Mediterranean partnership based on co-decision and shared responsibility between the two shores of the Mediterranean with an emphasis on young people and women as vectors of peace and stability. One of their priority areas is Higher Education and Research.

_ Considering the high levels of unemployment among Mediterranean youth and a persistent gap between the skills acquired at university and the requirements of industry, UfM launched a new initiative for higher education institutes, industry and policymakers to share best practices and boost career opportunities in the Mediterranean region.

_ Paeradigms was commissioned to conduct the study, coordinate with stakeholders in higher education, industry and governments to co-create a publication that highlights good practices that can be directly applied or adapted to the regional context.


_ Conducted an extensive literature review to identify key factors, available tools and resources, and learnings from employability and innovation practices.

_ Engaged stakeholders to consolidate contributions, perspectives and reflections, distilling key themes on the topics of youth employability and innovation.

_ Mapped initiatives, institutions and good practices, identifying stakeholder, geographical, financial, descriptive and regulatory information.

_ Structured and coordinated contributions, writing practical document to provide decision-makers with a cross-sector intermediary tool for the reinforcement of the innovation-employability nexus to stimulate coordination and action in the region.


_ Comprehensive, easy to use handbook for higher education institutions, industry and policymakers on the innovation-employability nexus to increase future career perspectives of highly qualified graduates.

_ Increased visibility on existing policy instruments that can be implemented by higher education institutes and research centres in order to increase employability of their students and researchers, while fostering innovation in the region.


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