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Skills for the green transformation

The “Skills for the green transformation” Toolkit and supporting knowledge products provide an introduction to the “green transformation” and an overview of approaches, tools, processes, and initiatives successfully implemented by VET Toolbox partners and other actors in the field.



Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)


Higher Education & VET | Renewable Energy | Climate Change | Communications. |. Diversity & Inclusion


Higher Education | Communications






Concluded (Jan 2023)



_Numerous national and international sustainability agendas and green development plans (e.g. SDGs, Agenda 2030, Paris Agreement on Climate Change) are demanding green transformation.
_The “EU VET Toolbox – Skills for the Green Transformation” focuses on capacity development and sharing best practices, methods, and tools, to ensure that its education and training contribute to sustainable development and inclusive growth through improvements in employment and working conditions.
_ The “Skills for the Green Transformation” project aims to contribute to the EU VET Toolbox by developing knowledge products focussed on green skills.


_ A mapping of projects implemented by VET Toolbox partners was created, and approaches to developing green skills were organised into several clusters. Interviews with project managers, donors, and experts provided insights and experience. Desk research into approaches identified success factors, learnings, barriers, and risks.

_ Projects examples were identified, selections validated, and the Toolkit and Dashboard were compiled. The Toolkit is a highly visual document that explains approaches to developing green skills with selected project examples for each type of approach. The Dashboard is an interactive database of all project examples identified using Power BI Software for quick reference by sector, donor, education level, or country.

_A communications package comprising a visually engaging poster, explainer videos, a presentation, and a training concept was developed to support the implementation of capacity development activities as a follow-up to the "Skills for the green transformation" project.


_Dashboard – a filterable and searchable database of 46 project examples of developing skills for the green transformation in vocational education and training (VET), higher education (HE), and continuous professional development (CPD). It allows interactive searching by SDG, region, country, sectoral focus, intervention level and implementing agency, and can easily be updated.

_Toolkit – an interactive PDF file with prominent navigation for referencing that describes eight approaches to developing green skills linked to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), each with detailed project examples and helpful resources.

_Poster – a colourful illustration designed to convey key concepts. It serves as an infographic that can decorate walls in offices, classrooms or other spaces. It can be printed in A2, A3 or A4 format.

_Videos – four animated explainer videos accompanying the Toolkit, the Dashboard, and the Training Concept for the green transformation.

_Training concept – A turnkey training kit with a curated literature review, course contents, and detailed implementation plans, including supporting materials and resources.


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