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Boutheina Lassadi

Project Manager

Curriculum development | Workforce management | Project management

With over 17 years of extensive experience in business development, workforce management, youth engagement, gender equality, and curriculum enhancement across Europe, Dr. Lassadi has played a pivotal role in driving transformative initiatives. As a prominent figure within the framework of USAID's MEG and BRCP projects, she has spearheaded expert teams in the successful implementation of strategic action plans post-conflict zones in Yemen (MEG/YESS), Libya (MEG/LESP), and Tunisia (BRCP), focusing on bolstering SME competitiveness and fostering employment opportunities.

Leveraging her profound insights into the challenges faced by SMEs in Europe, Dr. Lassadi has been instrumental in crafting partnership agreements with numerous firms. These agreements aimed at enhancing management practices, refining quality control measures, optimizing marketing strategies, and advancing human resource management techniques. Through her adept project management skills, she has significantly elevated both domestic and international sales for partner firms while catalyzing the creation of thousands of sustainable jobs across diverse sectors such as agribusiness, ICT, private healthcare, private education, and fisheries.

Her collaborative efforts extend to collaborating with chambers of commerce, vocational education ministries, community colleges, and tertiary institutions to revamp curricula in line with industry demands. Notable achievements include overseeing highly successful workforce development and fisheries sector enhancement programs under the YESS Program, as well as conducting targeted research on policy constraints in vocational education and fisheries, garnering accolades from USAID.

Dr. Lassadi's contributions also encompass groundbreaking research under the Pragma/MEG Program, evaluating best practices in workforce development program design and implementation across Europe for USAID. Fluent in multiple languages including English, French, and Arabic, Dr. Lassadi brings a unique European perspective and a wealth of experience to her impactful work in driving sustainable development and economic growth in the region.

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