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Narciso Matos

Senior Advisor

Higher Education | Water and Sanitation | Food Security and nutrition

Narciso Matos is the Rector (Vice Chancellor) of Universidade Politécnica in Mozambique, with overall responsibility for academic, administrative, financial and cooperation programs, with 300 technical staff, 400 academic staff, and 6000 students in 5 locations. Prior to that, he was CEO of a Mozambican NGO – the Foundation for Community Development – devoted to empowering Mozambican communities through education, health, water and sanitation, food security and nutrition, good governance, capacity building of CBOs and NGOs, advocacy on gender equity, and children’s rights. Narciso’s diverse experience includes roles as Director of the International Development Program at the Carnegie Corporation; Secretary-General of the Association of African Universities; and Vice-Chancellor of Eduardo Mondlane University. He has published over 60 papers and book chapters on higher education, and led or participated in many studies on HE and TVET, such as the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Scoping Study (2019), evaluations on PIREP/TVET (both in Mozambique), an evaluation of Young Africa´s TVET Wilde Ganzen Training School, and evaluations of the Netherlands higher education programs in Mozambique, Kenya and Eritrea. He is currently President of the Board of Directors of PASGR, and of Banco Mais; on the Boards of BIOFUND, FUNDE (Foundation for the Development of Education); a member of Mozambique's UNESCO National Commission, and Mozambique's Academy of Science. He is fluent in Portuguese, Ci-Ronga and English, with comprehension of German, French and Spanish.

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