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Ricarda Lassek

Senior Adviser

Education and Training | TVET | Energy and Private Sector Development

Dr. Ricarda Lassek has a German National Teaching Diploma, a Master in Development Studies (ETH Zurich) and a PhD in Education where she analyzed the possibility to measure the effectiveness of GIZ interventions in Basic Education in Mozambique.
Starting with the national teacher training programme in Germany and accumulating 9 years in development cooperation, complemented by 10 years in the consulting business in the TVET and education sector, she has a record of 29 years of professional experience in Education and Training, as well as in the Energy and Private Sector Development.
She has been writing Project Proposals and Project Plans, not only for Consulting Firms, but also for UNESCO, e.g. for Côte d’Ivoire and Guinea-Bissau, as well as for Plan International and KfW (Guinea-Conakry), and for EU proposals and multi-country frameworks.
These different assignments contributed to her fluency in Portuguese, English, French, Spanish and German, to her computer literacy and to her cross-sectoral expertise.
In the actual assignment for Paeradigms, she is closing a bigger circle for the project for which she has been working at the beginning of her career: Ensuring knowledge continuity for ProEducação, a closing Basic Education and TVET Programme, implemented by GIZ.

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