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Yodit Admasu Tefera


Communication I Journalism

Yodit Admasu Tefera is an Ethiopian native and International Communication Consultant with over 18 years of experience in media, public relations and communications. She holds a master’s degree in Literature and certificates in journalism from the International Committee of the Red Cross and the International Centre for Journalists in Kenya. She has focused on studying and understanding the African continent and its in-depth cultural, historical and natural resources in addition to feminist theories and women’s rights. She is the producer and host of a TV show that focuses on social and economic issues in African Continent. She co-founded and served as President of the Science Journalists Association. Yodit has worked for the national media, Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation, as a Team Leader and is now an editor in chief of a TV station working on promoting health care in the country. She was part of the GIZ Ethiopia project. Her specialties are International Communication Consultancy, Branding strategy, documentary production and public dialogue forum among others. In addition to her native Amharic, Yodit has full mastery of English, intermediate Tigrigna and basic French.

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