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We work with you to co-create and support non-profit projects, giving you access to our pool of experts and network.

These themes are of special interest to us: 
•    Strengthening youth entrepreneurship
•    Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education
•    Gender equity, diversity and inclusion

•    Stakeholder engagement and outreach

Current Projects


PAUWES Climate Change and Gender Club (PCCGC)


The PCCGC is a student-run initiative at the Pan African University Institute of Water and Energy Sciences (and Climate Change) (PAUWES). PCCGC believes that research and knowledge sharing coupled with community-based actions as well gender mainstreaming are necessary to combat climate change across Africa. Taking advantage of the unique Pan-African set-up of PAUWES, PCCGGC works to increase climate change awareness in communities across Africa, encouraging innovative research and partnerships for gender-responsive climate change adaptation and mitigation in the continent.


Paeradigms is partnering with PCCGC to strengthen capacities in the areas of youth entrepreneurship, gender equity and outreach. Students and researchers at PCCGC are working together with our international network of experts to support their initiatives addressing “Agenda 2063 - The Africa We Want”. More details will follow.


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STEMJets is an NGO, founded by women, that is reinventing communities through the practice of science as fun. STEMJets promotes initiatives that connect science topics in school to real life problems that young students face in their communities and families. For STEMJets, the focus is on access, mobility and inclusion to enhance competence based learning in STEM education. Thus, they encourage girls to develop an interest and competencies in STEM domains because this has been shown to have a direct and positive effect on communities. To achieve these aims, they focus on translating scientific principles and theories to practical activities that engage young people at an early age and providing a knowledge exchange platform to maintain their interest as they choose a career path.

Paeradigms supports STEMJets in developing a communication plan including outreach activities, and providing guidance on projects to maximise their impact. Through our international network we will support STEMJets in identifying potential funding partners.

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