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Paeradigms is an NGO and social enterprise focused on achieving transformational outcomes that lead to social change and economic impact. We believe in the power of connection and dialogue, and the courage to openly listen to opinions and concerns, because we believe that co-creation inspires ownership and learning. Paeradigms focuses on four theme areas:

  • Education

  • Renewable energy & Climate Change

  • Gender, Diversity & Inclusion

  • Communication & Advocacy



A defining feature of Paeradigms’ approach is our access to a multidisciplinary, multicultural and multilingual pool of >50 experts that bring different perspectives to each project. Teams are flexibly assembled to best achieve project objectives and the ambidexterity of team members ensures close collaboration with partner organisations to generate transformative results.


Meet the Core Team (below)



Paeradigms has offices in Switzerland, the European Union (Estonia) and Myanmar. Our advisors are based across five continents and have in-depth work experience in over 50 countries around the globe. We believe in the importance of understanding the complex historical and contemporary environment within which any initiative is conducted and the careful consideration of potential impact and interaction any activity may have on that context.


Our capacity development approach is comprehensive. We work closely with stakeholders, facilitating agreement among them on overall goals and the way forward. We openly listen to opinions and concerns, giving everyone a voice which creates a platform for meaningful contributions. This is the essence of effective capacity development and empowers stakeholders to participate in ‘skilling up’ from within.

We address capacity issues at three levels to support change: the systems level, the organisational level and the individual level. Participation fosters consensus and ownership, and information sharing inspires learning and growth. Yet, inviting broad participation is seldom easy as the process can cause unnecessary frustrations, especially when expectations are not met. The change process needs clear structures, guidelines and methods that, almost paradoxically, generate space for creativity and innovation to surface.


To gain valuable contributions from participants, the capacity development process needs a strong facilitator with a dynamic and empowering style. This encourages the group’s diverse perspectives to be heard and supports the group in finding consensus on decisions that they are committed to owning and implementing.



Paeradigms was founded in 2019 by a group of like-minded, sense-driven colleagues in education and international cooperation. We come from diverse disciplines and different countries in Europe, Africa and the Americas, yet we all agree on the power of the right approach: the ability to connect and dialogue, and the courage to openly listen to opinions and concern. We believe this is the essence of meaningful contributions to capacity development from within.




The word “paradigm” comes from the Greek παράδειγμα (paradeigma), "pattern” or “model”. In English, it is pronounced [pærədaɪm], hence Paeradigms’ choice to use the “Æ” instead of a simple “A” in the logo. We believe that the “Æ” expresses the different perspectives and concepts that we consider in our transdisciplinary approach. By drawing on a variety of paradigms across social and economic development, Paeradigms is able to provide deep insight into the nature of systemic, organisational, and individual motivations and concerns. This allows us a wider choice of approaches and solutions and makes Paeradigms an ideal partner for complex, multi-level projects that require space for diverse stakeholders, cultures and perspectives.


  • Community

  • Integrity

  • Diversity

  • Empowerment

  • Co-creation


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