Evaluation of ECOWAS Information and Communication Policy 2021

Considering recent developments in the so-called digital revolution, regional migration, and social and economic growth, ECOWAS requires an in-depth overhaul of its Information and Communication Policy.



ECOWAS Economic Community of West African States


IT l Communication


Evaluation & Monitoring I Intergovernmental Policy I Recommendation


West Africa (15 member states of ECOWAS)


GIZ Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit / BMWi German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy





_ The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) is one of five regional foundations in the African Economic Community. It is an intergovernmental organisation founded in 1975 to achieve economic integration among its 15 member states with three official languages (English, French, and Portuguese). ECOWAS aspires to four pillars: Peace and Security, Developing Infrastructure, Policy harmonization (to facilitate trade) and Good Corporate Governance.
_ The ECOWAS “Information and Communication Policy 2000” guides the sharing of information about ECOWAS objectives and achievements; however, it does not consider many developments in information technology and communication since 2000.
_ Lacking targeted information on ECOWAS aims, policies, programs, and actions to the grassroots populations is one of the greatest impediments to ECOWAS integration efforts.
_ Paeradigms was brought in to review the existing policy , formulate recommendations and develop the ECOWAS Information and Communication Policy 2021.


_ The information and communication policy review involved secondary data analysis of baseline demographic data across the region including points on technology use and availability, existing policies for ECOWAS and other intergovernmental organisations, audit of communication channel usage and reach, consideration of qualitative aspects such as tone and soft power, comparison of good practice among member states in the region and internationally.
_ To determine the current level of activity by or about ECOWAS, Paeradigms conducted an evaluation of traffic ranking and marketing analysis of the various ECOWAS websites and social media platforms, mainly Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, focusing on accessibility, gender and age.
_ Paeradigms has gone beyond project requirements, offering an in-depth study of the obstacles and facilitators to effective communication after a thorough review of the 2000 policy and the actual reality in terms of communication gaps between ECOWAS and its stakeholders.
_ Based on the evaluation results, the team collaborates with the ECOWAS communications team to make policy recommendations and elaborate the new policy.


_ Ongoing


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