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Maria Madalena Baptista

Senior Advisor

Curriculum development | Teacher Training | Project Management

Maria Madalena Baptista is a seasoned education specialist with a wealth of experience spanning teaching, project coordination, and policy development. With a doctoral degree in Educational Sciences from the Catholic University of Lisbon and a master's in Psycholinguistics from the Classic University of Lisbon, she brings a deep understanding of educational dynamics.

Having taught extensively in Portugal and contributed significantly to the educational landscape, Maria has honed her skills in fostering collaboration and achieving results. Her leadership roles, including coordinating academic councils and research units, underscore her commitment to advancing education.

Since 2008, Maria has been a consultant in Mozambique, where she has led research, developed educational materials, and advised the Ministry of Education. As the founder of Hatua, Lda, a consulting firm in Mozambique, she oversees communication, guides teams, and designs training modules. Maria's dedication to inclusive education and strategic project management makes her a valuable asset in driving positive change in education.

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