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Neh Sheila Tantoh


Monitoring & Evaluations I Research Analysis I Project Management

Neh Sheila Tantoh is an evaluator grounded in development evaluation and public policy. She obtained an Advanced Master's in Development Evaluation and Management from the University of Antwerp and a Master's in Governance and Regional Integration from the Pan African University of the African Union Commission. Her professional background encompasses monitoring and impact evaluation for diverse stakeholders and state sectors, utilising established Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) frameworks. She has engaged in pre-project assessments, process evaluations, impact evaluations, and meta-evaluations, always with an emphasis on quality control. Tantoh has also addressed the contextualisation and decolonisation of development strategies through policy evaluations and strategy document reviews. In her role with AMAAN AFRICA, she contributed to the alignment of projects with strategic objectives while ensuring the quality of evaluation reports. Her consultancy experiences, including those with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and the Government of the Republic of Liberia, have further refined her expertise in development cooperation evaluations. Additionally, her work with VLIR-UOS, Belgium, and academic contributions at IOB underscore her commitment to evaluation methodologies. A Cameroonian citizen, she has garnered experience working across various Sub-Saharan countries, including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, and Liberia. Additionally, she spent time in Belgium for her studies and professional engagements.

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