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Sylvia von dem Busche

Senior Advisor

Development evaluation | Public Policy | Education | Employment

Sylvia von dem Busche has long-standing experience in international development cooperation, centred on educational governance, employment, and the labour market. She has organised numerous study tours in Argentina, Canada, Germany, Morocco, Malawi, and Zambia, with a focus on enhancing participant capacity development. Additionally, her experience in Francophone West-Africa enriches her under-standing of diverse edu¬ca¬tional and labour market systems, particularly in French-speaking regions. Her skills in facilitation, mode¬ration, and training are complemented by her ability to develop training support materials. Recognised for her excellent analytical and report writing skills, Sylvia is the author of several studies and reports focusing on education, skills, employment, and the labour market. Furthermore, her eight-year work experience in Morocco has enabled her to establish excellent networking connections, which will be advantageous if the study tour takes place in Morocco.

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